Gary Herick

Startup Funding, Venture Capital & Innovative Blockchain Capital


About Gary Herick

Gary Herick is a private financial consultant active in startup funding for the legal cannabis industry and other innovative commercial ventures. Gary previously worked as a stockbroker and for more than twenty-five years was licensed as a series 7 broker.

Gary helps expedite private financing support for qualified companies and innovative technologies. Decades of professional experience assisting startup companies affords Mr. Herick a specialized understanding of business analytics. This knowledge allows Gary to excel as a top initiator and problem-solver.

Mr. Herick is passionate about helping startups achieve success through early capital funding and maintains direct involvement in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance, and management.

When presented with business or financial barriers, Gary uses teamwork to break down and overcome even the most difficult fiscal obstacles. He is a skilled communicator who identifies and leverages assets in teammates allowing clients to reach or exceed their organizational goals. Mr. Herick’s talent springs forth from his creativity, resourcefulness, and innovative solutions.

In 2019, startup funding has evolved into a highly competitive and complex industry.

Innovative technology and creative business structures, such as blockchains, have forged an attractive environment for early corporate funding. However, carefully navigating these contemporary financial tools requires strict guidance from seasoned veterans. Mr. Herick is well acquainted with blockchain technology. He is surrounded each day by investment professionals and well-known digital currency experts that are prepared to illustrate the benefits of blockchain capital.

Financial networking is a required tool at the heart of all startup financing. Forming an understanding relationship with business owners and operators is a critical factor in all successful startup funding. Over the past several decades, Mr. Herick has refined countless organizational strategies that have developed healthy and functional business networks for his clients. For information on how your startup can achieve critical funding success, please email Gary at